Today’s road took us to Spean Bridge, Urqhart Castle, Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield, and Inverness. I made friends with a weaver who taught me to stick weave, and we ended the day by River Ness, listening to traditional Scottish music and enjoying a dram.

Ft. William

Our least planned day will probably be one of our favorites of the trip…wandering through glens of grazing sheep, lunching in a train car (the best tomato soup I’ve ever tasted), hiking along a Highland trail, seeing the Jacobite Train cross the Glenfinnan Viaduct, visiting the memorial to Bonnie Prince Charlie, and afternoon tea and shopping in Ft. William.

London, Day Two

We ate breakfast at Lundenwic Food and Coffee in Holborn.

We perused the Borough Market for cheese, meat, bread, and wine, and enjoyed a mid-day meal of beef sandwiches there.

We crossed the Thames River and got a look at London Bridge and the Tower of London.

We strolled though the British Library for a browse through their special collections; my favorites included the Codex Sinaiticus, Tyndall New Testament, First Edition of the King James Bible, and The Magna Carta.

Sidenote: Before leaving London, I have to mention that I completely forgot about visiting the Churchill War Rooms on our first day, the underground bunkers where British men and women planned and strategized during World War II. The film “The Darkest Hour” told this story and several bits of the movie were actually shot here.

My brain is so full.

We walked to Kings Cross Station to catch the train to Edinburgh.

And we had a lovely trip to Edinburgh, feasting on our picnic, knitting (of course), journaling, and meeting our neighbors.

For anyone interested, Tif is knitting Handbrake by Kay Jones in Malabrigo Merino worsted Cabernet, and I’m working on the Magnolia Socks by Curious Handmade in West Yorkshire Spinners Cherry Drop.

This Glaswegian family delighted us with tales about their kin and Scotland. Please meet Brian, Jenna, and Sarah McNeil. They had been to London on Easter Holiday to shop and see Hamilton. They asked, “Where are you from?” We answered, “Indiana.” They asked, “What do you have there?” We said, “Farmland.” They said, “Oh.” I think they were hoping for something more exciting. Regardless, we now have friends in Glasgow!

We crossed into Scotland and were met with foggy vistas and glimpses of the coastline. Simply magical. A short walk to our Air BnB and quick supper in the neighborhood ended the second day of our trip. We’ll awake to our first full day in Scotland.

London #alltheplaces

Our UK adventure begins!

We are a walking advertisement for Osprey.

After a great flight from Nashville to London via NYC, we hit the ground running with a full day of sight-seeing, determined to stave off jet lag by staying vertical as long as humanly possible. That included:

a wonderful brunch,

the Horse Guard Parade,

a two-hour visit to Westminster Abbey,

and the Two Chairmen Public House, which began quietly enough but filled when Parliament adjourned.

(Clay recognized Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party)

(Here’s my Merrie Dancers Toorie beside a pint, because I’m a knitter and the knitwear is important)

After liquid fortification, we walked to Buckingham Palace,

took the tube to Coventry Garden,

and had a proper English dinner of meat pies.

Then we crashed. And crashed hard, having made it to 21:00.

It’s amazing what sleep will do. And a very good cup of coffee.

Sock Moods, Fleece Guides, and Seamless Tunics

Episode 9: Saturday, March 24, 2018

Click on the audio player above to listen!  Time stamps are noted for each section in the show notes.  Feel free to skip to sections that you are interested in.  Links to patterns and other resources can be found by scrolling over highlighted text.

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In the Suds (2:21)

Vanilla socks knit with Paton’s Kroy sock yarn in the Rose Marl colorway.

IMG_1733Addi FlexiFlips in US size 1 (2.25 mm) for sock knitting.

Birch Lace Scarf knit from handspan.


Lush cardigan by Tin Can Knits.

Tuft Woolens soap.


The 2018 Shetland Wool Week patron and pattern:  The Merrie Dancers Toorie by Elizabeth Johnston (I think I called this the Merrie Dancers Peerie….yikes!)

Knitting Now (15:04)


The Winter Rose Socks from the Handmade Sock Society Collection in the Malabrigo colorway, Rayon Vert.


The Waffle Weave Dishcloth by Debbie Andriulli.

The Yarn Hoarder Podcast.

Spinning (19:05)

Icelandic roving from the Pleasant Ridge Farm in Nashville, Indiana.

IMG_1663 IMG_1714 IMG_1708

Two new fleeces!  Left, Wensleydale ram and right, lamb Finn.


Sewing (22:18)

I finally pieced another quilt!

The Knitting Pipeline.

Ugly Update (26:06)


My slowly growing corner-to-corner crochet blanket.

The Seamless Tunic (27:04)

Thank you for listening!  Happy Easter and happy Spring!

Music by MaxKo Music, licensed by Envato Market.



Vest Love, I Cut My Void Shawl, and that Crazy USA Hat

Episode 8: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Click on the audio player above to listen!  Time stamps are noted for each section in the show notes.  Feel free to skip to sections that you are interested in.  Links to patterns and other resources can be found by scrolling over highlighted text.

CELEBRATE!!!  To listen to the podcast on iTunes, search for “The Full Measure Debi Hassler”

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In the Suds (2:18)

Vanilla Socks, “Hohoho” by Bee Ewe Yarn and Fibers, City Stitch Yarn Shop, Boonville, Indiana.

Fair Isle Vest, Stranded and Steeked by Mary Jane Mucklestone and Craftsy.

Check out those floats and that steek finishing!

Some needlework vests from my past.

Transforming my Void Shawl by Melanie Berg into a cowl.  I mentioned Katie of “Inside Number 23 Podcast” fame, but mistakenly called her show “Inside 21” (it must have been the cold medicine)!

IMG_1214 IMG_1570

Ear Warmer by Kate Morgan.


The Bousta Beanie by Gudrun Johnston.




How about using some vintage textile spools for hat stands????  I found these at The Nashville Flea Market!



Video tutorial for catching floats in two-handed color work.

Knitting Now (12:20)

Super secret sock knitting….no photos…but I am looking forward to casting on the first pair of socks in Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society, the Winter Rose Socks.


Heather BFL from Victoria House Fibers in “Purple Sage”.

Birch Trees Scarf, Julia Marsh.

Spinning (16:05)


Corriedale separated by color, hand-carded and spun short-forward draw for a traditional two-ply.  These will become mini-skeins to sprinkle around Scotland when we travel there this spring.

Sewing (17:40)


A new blouse pattern.


A small bag for my spinning wheel.


Card holder.  Tutorial found here.

Things I never expected (20:21)

IMG_1355 IMG_1540 IMG_1384

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a knitting photo shoot! #knittingtruth

What Fills My Cup (24:28)


Early 20th-century yarn winder found at The Westbury Antique Market in Bloomington, Indiana.


Crocheted heart garland.

Lent devotional by

The House of God Forever, by Jon Foreman.

Music by MaxKo Music, licensed by Envato Market.

Many thanks (always) to my #woodman who helps this #woolwoman with the inevitable hiccups of syncing to iCloud and the intricacies of iTunes.


Team USA Olympic-Inspired Hat

The 2018 USA Olympic Team uniform designs have been released and I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to their reveal! I have been a life-long fangirl of Ralph Lauren and his American-West-inspired lifestyle esthetic (not to mention his views on raising kids and the importance of family…check it out). We knitters are not disappointed by the inclusion of a gorgeous stranded-knit sweater design that will be worn by Team USA athletes at the opening ceremony in PyeongChang on February 9th.

There’s been some spirited discussion about the gloves but personally, I like them and think they will look fabulous on TV.

Those will be some warm, toasty hands.

There’s also a lot of chatter about the textile technology that will keep our team warm in South Korea. Also fascinating.

Inspired by the splendid colorwork sweater, I challenged myself to sit down and chart the motifs of the sweater using Stitch Fiddle, an easy-to-use chart-generating program. Wouldn’t it be great to have a hat inspired by the Olympic team’s sweater, I thought to myself?  Why yes, it would!

The men’s and women’s sweaters are not identical but feature many of the same motifs. I picked and chose the motifs I liked and placed them into this hat design.


Knit with DK weight scraps from other projects, the hat is a generous beanie with some slouch that will fit most medium-sized adult heads. The size can be altered easily by going up or down a needle-size, or by lessening the number of repeats of the biggest motif, which is 18 stitches; please note, however, that if the cast on number is changed, some of the smaller motifs will not repeat evenly. If that jog doesn’t bother you, you can modify the overall size that way.


Using less than 20 gram scraps of each of three colors, you can knit this hat now to wear during the Games, or cast on as you watch the opening ceremony.  This hat would be a great project to knit while viewing your favorite events……curling anyone?

You’ll find the hat pattern and color work chart at the link below.  USA, USA, USA!!!