Dreams do come true

First, I got the call sheet.  And my name was on it.  And so was Eric’s.

ImageAnd then I found myself on set at the Rolls Royce Training Center in Indianapolis.  And there’s Clay behind the camera and Tif asking the questions.  Eric is gripping and shooting stills.  And I’m ripping gaff tape, running for coffee, smoothing hair, and powdering faces.  (And I am in absolute HEAVEN on earth, with a bold, italic, capital H.)


I stand here looking at what’s taking place around me and I can’t keep my mind from wandering, much like movie flashbacks that fade from one scene to the next, passing effortlessly through time and space.  (I know, in the photo below I look irritated, but that’s really me being contemplative.) 


In my mind’s eye, I see Clay videotaping himself doing skateboard tricks for his 4-H project, and a few short years later, his winning Project XL moment.  I see a parade of friendly faces who have been featured in Clay’s videos and film festival entries over the years…so many wonderful, crazy, and generous people who have memorized lines and donned costumes and gone with us to weird places like abandoned buildings, cornfields, and university sound stages.  I see sawdust and I smell hot lights; I am exhausted from cooking and serving a crew of graduate film students, and I am celebrating an Emmy in Los Angeles.

Fade to black.

Back to the present moment.

This is really happening.

Over the years we’ve day dreamed and talked about what this moment could look like.  The specifics vary but we’d all be doing what we’re equipped for, practiced at, passionate about, and most of all, LOVE.   And we’d be working together.


I am so proud of them.  They are pursuing their dream and their passion.  Taking the big jump.  Going all in.  And I get a front row seat.  So thankful.  So overwhelmed.  Truly filled up and overflowing.

And yes, we did the happy dance together last night after importing the day’s assets.  There are no pictures of that.


It’s been a very good week, and it’s only Tuesday.

All our dreams can come true, if we just have the courage to pursue them.    Walt Disney

Postscript:  Deadlines were met and just 48 hours after this day, the finished film went LIVE.  Here’s a link to the finished product.  Still proud.  Still beaming.


  1. What a beautiful family! You and your family are a blessed and are a blessing to all that know you. So happy for the Hassler’s. XOXO

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