It’s time

It’s time.

Time to pack away winter and bring on a new season.

Goodbye cousin photos.


No, your subjects will never be too old for a sit on Santa’s lap.  We’ll add another next year.

Goodbye door garland.


You have been a temporary shelter for a pair of small birds seeking warmth during this year’s polar vortex.  The days are lengthening and the thermometer is rising.  Little ones, you need to find a new place in the sunshine.

Goodbye wooden sled and pillow.


Back to the basement while I sweep the porch and promise to do a more thorough job when it warms up a bit more.  And repaint the trim and front door.  And wash down the tongue-in-groove.  I promise.

Blackboard, I erased your snowy message yesterday, preparing for a new verse.  Your “Let it Snow” sentiment was wearing thin on some in these parts.  Not me, of course.  But some.

On Saturday past, those 60+ degrees teased our winter weary souls and sounded a cry for relief from the icy grip that wouldn’t-you-know-it returned on Sunday when we exited church to find it snowing.  Again.

It’s time.

While there’s still a few weeks until the Spring Equinox, I’m peeling off some layers and greeting visitors with a fresh look.  Outside today.  Inside tomorrow.  Boy, does that feel good.


 I’ll bet burlap will be involved.  Just a warning.

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