Weaving {in & out}

I’ve known Robin and Elaine since grade school. We played in the same neighborhoods and walked the same hallways.  There’s something to be said for sharing your growing up days.

Many years later, our kids were in marching band together.  Two years with Nichole on the podium followed by two years of our own son up there on the aluminum stand.  {Go Green Brigade!}  There’s something to be said for sitting together at band competitions with your kids standing on the line.

Oh yes, there’s something to be said about sharing history and space and time, and weaving in and out of each others’ lives through the years.

That’s what it’s all about.

This past weekend, we celebrated the arrival of sweet Autumn, much like we celebrated the birth of her sister Allison three years ago.  What a joy.  These folks love their kids and grandkids like crazy.  I mean CRAZY.  I love THAT.

We love being around them because we always have so much to talk about and share.  And we are reminded that being silly and smiling and eating Tootsie Pops makes us very happy.


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