{Save} the Date


Eureka!  I love it when an inspiration serves two purposes.

This little banner hung in our dining room the weekend we filled every chair around the table and celebrated family, spring break, and the birthday of a certain someone who isn’t adding years but joys to the measure of her life.  That would be {me}.

I just didn’t want to put it away.  It reminded me of target practice, cousins making faces, powder blue rain boots, motorcycle rides, and playing Mexican Train in front of a blazing fire.  That was when winter was still hanging on with a vengeance.

And thank goodness, just when we thought we couldn’t take it any more, the days lengthened and warmed and our little white mailbox began filling with delightful cards and invitations…weddings, graduations, concerts, open houses…so many things to celebrate.

Then I had an idea, which can be a dangerous thing in these parts.  Luckily, this idea did not involve plaster of paris or shellac.

For years, I’ve tried to artfully arrange all those lovely invitations onto our “family bulletin board” (also known as the refrigerator) but after hearing an excellent talk from a professional organizer on de-cluttering and the importance of having visually clean surfaces to promote peace and tranquility in the home (who knew?), I decided to look for another option.  That was a very cluttered sentence.  Sorry.

There it was.  Right before my very eyes.

How about pinning those lovely invitations to my celebration banner?


Using clothespins, which are one of my most favorite things in the whole wide world, I clipped the invites to the banner according to the date of the upcoming event.  So at a glance, I can see what’s coming, which is handy when I need to remind myself to pick up a greeting card or gift on the next trip into town.


And at a glance, I can be reminded that in the midst of the hustle and bustle of daily living, that life is still full and overflowing even though my frig door is still cluttered and there’s not much tranquility around this place most of the time.

And we get to dance.  {Praise}

Here’s the link to the tutorial on making a burlap banner.  Follow these instructions for constructing the base of the banner, and then using a black Sharpie pen, trace and fill in the individual letters onto each flag.  Come on, you can do it.

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