{Chalk} it up

 chalkI ran into JoAnn Fabrics to get two pillow forms.  That’s all.  In and out.  Two pillow forms.  I made the mistake of browsing quickly past the seasonal display which frankly, always gets me into trouble.  First, I had to stop and pick out two new vinyl tablecloths for summer camping because we all know that your campsite theme is totally determined by the tablecloth you put on your campsite picnic table.  Everybody knows that.  Better stock up while there’s still a good selection.

Then I spied the cutest display of chalkboards.  Whoa.  My 2014 list of favorites includes burlap, mason jars, paper straws, banners, gingham, rick rack, wooden clothespins, and of course, chalkboards.

Wait just a minute, there’s something new.  Chalkboard banners?  That sounds right up my alley.  I’ve gotta check this out.  Here’s the label from the package that I excitedly ripped open when I got home.  (And that’s why I can’t show you what the actual product and package look like.)photo 1Here’s the item from the JoAnn Fabrics website. photo 4 In the store, you have the option of three shapes:  pennant, triangle, or circle.  You get five mini-chalkboard shapes with pre-drilled holes and one long piece of twine in each package for $3.99. You might be surprised to learn that I really wasn’t interested in using them as a banner at all.  I had something else in mind <evil laugh>.

I had been looking for some chalkboard tags to use at summer gatherings and parties but hadn’t found anything I liked.  Why not use these?

When I got them home, I thought I’d cut the twine into shorter lengths for tying onto pitchers or jars or baskets, but I decided to raid my ribbon stash and found a pretty red gingham piece to use instead.  photo 3Love it.  Just think of all the materials you could use…baker’s twine, nubby jute, lace trim, velvet ribbon…

And the best part of all?  At $3.99 for the package, that makes each little tag less than a buck apiece, which is much cheaper than the chalkboard tags I’ve seen sold as tags.  Love them even more.  (And be sure to check out the JoAnn’s website before you go because they often have a 40% off coupon for one regularly priced item!  They’ll practically be paying you to have all this fun.)

One last thing- these little boards are legit.  The black surface is smooth and easy to write upon, the black paint does not scratch or leave a ghost image, and it erases completely with water.  For the price, they are great.

photo 2

See how I got four of my favorites in one photo?

I can think of a million and one ways to use these…you can welcome guests to your buffet with a tag on the silverware caddy, label kids’ sodas at a birthday party, identify pitchers of beverages at your next cookout, or add a personalized message to that next home-baked plate of goodies you give away.  Need a hostess gift?  Tie up a beribboned set of tags with a brand new box of white chalk!  Your host or hostess will love you for it!

And don’t be discouraged if you’re challenged with chalk writing.  Search Pinterest for “chalkboard inspiration” and you’ll find many easy fonts and scribbles to copy.  Practice, erase, and try again!  Then, go forth and leave a trail of chalk dust behind you!



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