It’s graduation season and the announcements have been filling up my mailbox and calendar this week!  Yay!  Parties!

I’ve been busy running back and forth between the studio and home, uploading those last senior orders and working on some special graduation, hand-crafted goodness.  I hope they like them.  The photographs and the gifts.

It got me to thinking all throw-back-Thursday style about the keepsake pillows I made at graduation season for my own kids, not-so-very-long-ago.  Well actually, Cameron graduated from high school five years ago so it’s been longer than I care to admit.

ImageThese pillows were constructed with patchwork squares from scraps of fabrics I collected as my kids were growing up.  On Clay’s, I used cotton remnants from the Halloween costumes he had worn through the years, a patch from his Ninja Turtles sheets, a piece of his drum major uniform, and this most beloved, little felt heart cut from Clay’s very favorite boyhood accessory… his Prince Phillip cape.


I could get lost for a few sweet moments thinking about that.



I’m back.

On Cameron’s, I stitched together pieces of her prom dresses, scraps of fabric from her 4-H sewing projects, bits of costumes from her many shows, musicals, and dance recitals, and my favorite…the pumpkin fabric from the matching mother/daughter, vest/jumper outfits I made when she was four.  Yes, I really did that to her.  It was 1994.  That was popular.


See that cute little black cat peeking out of the corner?  We looked so cute in our matching Halloween outfits.  Really.

Using these patchwork pillows as the base, I placed and pinned the many precious keepsakes onto each pillow.  Clay’s included all of his Scott and Oak Hill academic honor roll pins, his Super Citizen pin, several Green Brigade pins, solo and ensemble ribbons, his Arion Awards, National Honor Society pin, and 4-H Ten Year pin.

Cameron’s included the same as her brother’s but with added Brownie pins, cheerleading buttons, show choir awards, and HOSA pins.


(And I’m so thankful that she doesn’t hold the matching outfit thing against me.)

It’s not too late to gather up all those pins and buttons rattling around in the kitchen drawer and to raid the closet for some of their favorites.  A few lines of straight stitching and you’re good to go.

If you have little ones running underfoot, start collecting the treasures now.  Make a box just for these items, tuck it up on a shelf in your closet, and you’ll have them all together when senior year rolls around.  Do.  it.  now.  It comes quicker than you think.

I think I hear Pomp and Circumstance playing in the distance…


 You’re off to great places

Today is your day

Your mountain is waiting

So get on your way!

Dr. Seuss

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