{Home}work duty

Here’s a word of encouragement to all those moms and dads who feel frazzled by homework duty (and it’s only the second week of school)…

Neither of my kids liked English very much and in fact, would have named English as their least favorite class of the day.  Which, by the way, had NOTHING to do with their particular teachers.  In fact, their English teachers were some of their favorite people in the whole world.  Still are.

Cameron & Mr Skinner

The subject was one that they simply didn’t enjoy.

Regardless, we spent many an evening elbow-to-elbow, pouring over essays and correcting grammar and painfully working through exercises until the assignment was done.  Not my favorite either, but it kept my own skills sharpened.

So, just imagine my surprise when college freshman Clay called and informed us that he was changing his major to (of all things) English Literature.  And he did.

A few years later, I picked myself up off the floor when Cameron called to say that she was joining her college yearbook staff to (of all things) write.  And she did.

And today, both are engaged and thriving in careers that depend greatly upon (you guessed it) writing.

At the time, eighteen year old Clay explained that being a great writer was the best preparation for story telling through film.  He was right.


Twenty year old Cameron found an outlet for her unbridled creativity through words and photographs.  Yes, she did.  (And it’s a good thing because I don’t think I could take another paint-in-a-balloon incident. Remind me to tell you about that one day.)

Campaper copy

And it’s worth all those bleary-eyed editing sessions and methodical rewrites required by “mean-ol-mom” because almost-good-enough isn’t good enough.

Stay strong, parents.

Keep up the good fight.

From a soldier that’s gone on before,

you can do it.

Get busy checking those sentence diagrams.

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