{JoAnn’s} musings

I made a quick trip to our local JoAnn Fabric and Craft Store today and stumbled across these treasures (and I thought you should know):

First, there were these lovely skeins which will be perfect for FSU accessories this season.  Watch out family and friends, my knitting needles are out.

photo 5 copy

And to go with all of those charming hats and mittens for tailgate parties are these handsome table coverings that feature garnet and gold. Excellent. And 50% off.

photo 3 copy

Next, paper straws are available in seasonal colors. Cannot have enough paper straws.

photo 2 copy

And wait just one minute, there’s CHALKBOARD PLACE CARDS FOR THANKSGIVING????

photo 4 copy

Don’t bother going. I bought all of them.

Just kidding.

But I did by enough for our table full.


What’s that down at the bottom of my sack?

photo 1 copy
Does everyone get these?  Do I look like I’m “60 or older”?  (Don’t you dare answer…)

I don’t know how to feel about that.

I have two, if you “qualify” and want one.

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