{Spring 2015} Just a few of my favorite things…

As we are moving outside from inside, these are the things that are speaking to my heart this season:

Rusty stuff.


Like gritty fencing, leaky dish pans, and this old shovel. I have accumulated lots of rusty tractor parts and garden tools from romps at the Tait Farm.  They are finding new homes and new life here in the woods.

Weathered furniture.

Especially old chairs with pillows made from seed bags. Which I have yet to make. Better get on that.



In hand thrown bowls. Especially hens & chicks.  And the sedum my mom gave me.

Oak leaf hydrangeas.


Swoon.  I planted seven of them this spring.  I absolutely cannot wait to fill my house with their blossoms.  And old-fashioned hydrangeas.  And other old-fashioned plants…phlox and the aforementioned hens & chicks and black-eyed Susans and fragrant peonies that bloom for just a wisp.

Chalk markers.  oh. my.

Last year I was all over chalk and chalkboards.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love those too, but these new-fangled chalk markers are magic.

Tick B-Gone.

You know that I found my first tick of the season last week but then I found this:


My favorite soap maker, New Harmony Soap, makes a mosquito and tick repellent that smells so good and I think, really works.  Check it out.  No more tick book.  And if you haven’t tried their soaps, what the heck are you waiting for?

My new garden haus that Chief built for me.


{I will take you on a full pictorial tour of it very soon!} It was a big dream and a long process that involved moving the pool pump, pool heater, and all associated plumbing, electrical, and gas lines, but he never let go of the vision, even when I did. It puts my tools, a water source, and abundant workspace at my fingertips which makes tending my vegetable and flower gardens oh-so-easy. I want to live out there. But not really because there is a wicked ground hog on the loose that we absolutely cannot trap, and I have nightmares about him/her attacking me in my sleep.

I’ll get you, my little pretty.

These lights.


I want Zeek and Camille Braverman’s Parenthood backyard with the long wooden table and draping strings of lights. It’s gonna happen. I bought a bunch of these. Big Lots for $12.

What are your favorite things this spring?

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