Camping Season {v2016}

It’s raining cats and dogs here but that is not dampening my spirit one tiny bit.  We’re opening the camper and preparing for our first outing of the 2016 camping season.  We have a group of friends that we started camping with when our kids were in middle school, and even though we’re not connected by football, cheerleading, show choir, marching band, PTSA, and a dozen other activities any more, we still like to hang out.  It’s a wonderful thing.  I hope you have a group of friends like that.

We try to camp at least once a month, April through October, and when the frost falls, we meet at a local roadhouse or tavern for our monthly gathering.  (We want to apologize for our last outing at The Dapper Pig; I’m glad they put us in that little room.) We’ll head to Hardin Ridge in a couple of days to begin a summer of Indiana camping while celebrating the bicentennial of our state.  We love the parks in Indiana.   

As you already know, we make camping quite the adventure and experience.  If you’re gonna do it, might as well have some fun with it, right?  And while you’re at it, let’s make it pretty, too.  

Let’s start with the table covering.

I found these lovelies at Big Lots and got two.  Since it’s Indiana’s bicentennial, I think we’ll go patriotic this summer.  Only $4 each.

Gotta have some matching napkins and paper straws, too.  A mason jar jug holds sweet utensil-shaped clips that will keep the napkins from blowing off the table top.  Dollar bins at Target and Michael’s. 

I picked up the “Great Plates” at Menards on clearance at the end of last season.  Fifty cents each. Great for happy hour and a nibble or two.  And have you tasted Leninenkugel’s new shandy?  I’ll leave that right there.  

I splurged on new lights for under our awning and love these lanterns.  They were 70% off at JoAnn’s with an additional 20% off coupon.  Hardly a splurge.  We’ll use the round, plastic ball lights from last year’s Big Lots sale for trees at our campsite.  Evening illumination is very important, but you already knew that.

At my kids’ urging, I finally ordered some prints from Artifact Uprising and I love them. Check them out; they offer 25 prints for free (you pay shipping and handling) and after you see and feel the quality, you will order a million more.   I found some frames at Dollar General and made a small grouping of favorites from previous camping trips.  They’re going in the camper.  

I don’t know.  Is this too many knitting projects to take on a camping trip?  


The answer is no.

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