Are the fish biting?
What did I make today?

There was a quick road trip to Indianapolis to celebrate a lovely niece’s high school graduation, and then home again to do some chores, do a little studio work, and pack for the next adventure.  While in Indy, I did get a little knitting done on my Spicy Curry Cowl and I’d say that I’m about half way done with the total length I’ll need before joining the ends to form a continuous loop.  I love this colorway.  It’s by an indie dyer that I discovered at Stitches South and I love her yarn; her company is Primrose Yarn Co. and she also has a podcast that I enjoy listening to when I’m knitting.  It’s so much fun to learn about the artists that make and dye the yarn I use.  


I remarked on Playcation Day#One that the fabric I found to make my newest project bag reminded me of illustrations from A Little a Golden Book and wouldn’t you know it, I found this little treasure while in Indianapolis.  It’s a collection of Golden Book pages with words of wisdom that we all should heed.  

I plan to soak in a page or two (or three) each day this week.  

Remember this inside cover?  I stared at this for hours when I was little.  

Back to the making…

After getting my chores done, I played for just a bit with some cotton yarn scraps and picked up my long-forsaken crochet hook.  I learned to knit and crochet at about the same time but it’s funny how each has been more dominant at different seasons of my life.  Probably the last crocheting frenzy happened when Eric and I were newly married and I went  through what I call my “acrylic yarn crocheting phase” necessitated by the fact that acrylic yarn was CHEAP.  And we were young and POOR.  Our first Christmas tree skirt was crocheted of acrylic yarn in a variety of hues.  It looked like Joseph’s coat-of-many-colors was wrapped around the base of our tree.  I’m still using potholders I made then.  I think it’s about time for some new ones.  It was fun to feel the crochet mojo again.  

Finally, I headed to the sewing machine and with the (uh hem) help of Harley,

who thinks that all of my sewing notions are toys, I cut out, without nipping any kitty toes, a sweet little hen pincushion that I have been wanting to make for a looooooong time.  This pattern was given to me my precious friend, Mabel, and I love the two that she made and gave to me.  Maybe Tif and I will whip one up for her pins this week.

We’re gonna hit a vintage fabric shop in a couple of days so look out.  

Finally,  Eric caught his very first walleye.  All is right with the world.

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