Words of wisdom from A Little Golden Book:

Is your life starting to feel like a circus?

Don’t panic…today’s a new day!

Get dressed first thing (Sweatpants are bad for morale.  Put on something nice!)

Have some pancakes.



Go on a joyride.


Get some exercise every day. 



Treat yourself.

The simplest things are often the most fun.

I finished the cotton-scrap potholder which is not only functional but reminds me of gifts I have made and given to others.  The two circles crocheted together at the edge make it perfectly dense but the cotton is so soft.  Have I told you about my favorite 100% cotton yarn?  It’s the Hobby Lobby “I Love This Cotton” and it’s the best.  It’s fiber is plump and soft and it knits up the most cushy washcloths.  Here’s the best part, it’s only $3.29 regular price per skein (one skein makes three, thirsty washcloths) and it goes on sale for 40-50% off at least once a month.  Stock up.  Buy all the colors.  

This morning, I cast on yet another Grrlfriend Market Bag with 100% cotton and my bamboos because I am obsessed with this pattern. The Emily Ocher cast on is quite fussy and usually makes me want to stab myself with my double points, but once you get past the third or fourth row, the payoff is fantastic.  It’s a quick knit with such functionality and it is so fun to make.  

Once you get past that dreadful cast on.  

Harley tried to help me with it but she ended up getting tangled in the needles and yarn.  In the picture above, she’s taking a momentary break from her fiber escapades.  And she’s looking at me and thinking, “I’ve done my part.  Now get busy, girl.”

Coming today…strolling and frolicking in Music City.

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