Today’s nugget from A Little Golden Book:

So go on a picnic…and make music a part of your life.
We plan to do just that.  Later.

Tif and I were up at the crack of dawn because we want to make ALL OF THE THINGS.  

Yesterday, we visited The Quilter’s Attic in Goodlettsville where we tried our level best to remain composed while surrounded by ALL OF THE GORGEOUS FABRIC.  It was an all-caps kind of day.  Once we settled down, Tif selected three Civil War Era Cottons that will become lovely fabric napkins and pillowcases.  

And because I seem to be on this nostalgia kick, I picked out two Little Red Riding Hood prints to make projects bags and everything else my heart desires.  

I can’t even.  

I could not resist getting a wolf charm to add to the zipper pull for the first bag I make from this collection.  

We stopped at Hobby Lobby on the way home to get more thread, zippers, and of course, FABRIC, because one bag of fabric is never enough.  

Tif’s project bag will be crafted from these lovely prints and she’ll be making gold-toned progress keepers to match the gold stitch markers she acquired at Rendezvoux a couple of weeks ago.  Cannot wait to see this one stitched up.

We have turned Wet Paint Co.’s office into a sewing and crafting paradise.  Sorry Clay.  You may have to find another room to make your award-winning movies.  

Tif is already a whiz at serging and her top-stitching is divine.  She has learned that (repeat after me) “you should spend as much time at the ironing board as you do at the sewing machine.”  I am teaching her all the ways.  

We are also knitting at every opportunity and she’ll have a couple of FOs and a HO to share shortly.  I am making steady progress on my cowl, wrap, and market bag.  We’ll take our knitting and the other Canada fishing widows (insert Diane and Linda, and the birthday girl, Shelby) to Arrington Winery this afternoon for the prescribed picnic and music mentioned above.  I seriously doubt that the boys are having as much fun as we are. 

Don’t tell them.

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