Berlin, Day Three

Germany.  No wash cloths and no top sheets, but we’re getting used to it.

First destination today, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.  

This will probably be one of the most memorable parts of our trip.  Deeply solemn and impactful.  The full magnitude of history’s consequence descends into this place.  

It’s as if the stones are weeping.

This memorial is profound; we took our time walking among the pillars and absorbing the exhibit below.

Next, we walked back to the Gendarmenmarkt for lunch at Kasermandl.  Sitting on sheepskins, we enjoyed this

cheese soup,

beef soup,

meat and cheese, and pizza.  I’m sorry, I did not write down the German names for this food.  I will do better.
Clay and Tif must head to Poznan for their first screening, so we bid farewell to them for a short time.

I quickly ran back to a booth in the market to purchase two nativity springerle molds for cookie making.  

Now to catch a cab to The Spree.

The conversation with our driver about American politics was fascinating.  The German people are anxious to speak to Americans about the recent election, and our talks are very enlightening and enjoyable.  

We hopped on a boat for a riverside view of Berlin.  

We visited the flea market.

Made some new friends.

Took a tram ride.

And wound our way to dinner at Nurnberger Wirtshauskultur.  More pork, more red cabbage, and more potato dumplings.  We have decided that German food is our spirit animal.  

For dessert, we sample Germkonodel, and tried to learn how to pronounce its name.

The report from Poznan this morning is good; “Homeless” was well-received and the film festival hosts are very hospitable and most kind.  We will travel to Poznan later in the week to see the second screening.   Today we will welcome Clay and Tif back to Berlin to celebrate TIF’S BIRTHDAY!!!  Herzlichen Gluckwunsch zum Geburtstag!

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