Berlin to Dresden

This will be a quick entry as we are catching an early train for Dresden.

Monday, we visited the site of Hitler’s infamous bunker. Once again, a solemn place.

We also found the memorial to the book burning at Bebelplatz.

After grabbing some sandwiches, we jumped on board a train and set our sights on Charlottenburg to see the palace, Christmas market, and antique stores there.

We ventured off the beaten path on a quest to find the home of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose life and story Clay and Eric have studied.  Standing at Dietrich’s home, the place where he was arrested by the SS, gave us pause as we considered his staunch resistance to the Nazi dictatorship, particularly the day after we visited the Holocaust memorial.

We stopped in to a sweet, street-side restaurant for a drink and then caught the train to return to Berlin for our second evening meal at Nurnberger Wirtshauskultur.  Yes, it is THAT GOOD.  Now considered regulars by the staff, we were given a most hearty “welcome back”!  If you ever find yourself in Berlin, you must eat here.  

Happy birthday, Tif!  Now off to Dresden!

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