The somewhat early departure from Dresden was eased by slices of stollen and a gift of fresh croissants from our Airbnb host.  

Packing up our bags and backpacks, we took the tram to the central station.  

We said goodbye-for-now to Cameron and Michael who headed for an adventure in Prague, while Eric, Clay, Tif, and I took the train for a return to Berlin and then on to Poznan.  Cameron is already posting Instagrams from Prague so be sure to check out her feed @camhalcomb!

On the train to Berlin, our cabin-mate was a Polish gentleman named Michael who was traveling through Berlin on business.  He lives in a small, coastal village on the Baltic Sea.

He shared a lot of historical information about Poland and gave recommendations of food to sample.  While his English was very, very good, we all chuckled at his attempt to explain the word “garlic” in describing a type of pickle they make.  I especially loved the description of his family’s Christmas celebration, with a big meal on Christmas Eve and then celebrating the twelve days of Christmas that follow.  This is such a special time of year to travel.  Michael even taught us to open a beer bottle without an opener.  “Easy peasy” he said.  

We had a brief layover in Berlin before boarding our train for Poznan.

After securing a car for the four of us, we settled in for the trip across the border.

That included a picnic of wine, bread, cheese, salami, fruit, and cookies, some on-board knitting (I am turning the heel on my sock and Tif is knitting the thumb gusset of her mitt).  We also watched “Home Alone,” a family Christmas favorite.  

We arrived in Poznan after dark and quickly walked to our hotel.  Clay and Tif checked in with the film festival and were introduced at the beginning of their screening.  It was fun to see the film sub-titled for this non-English-speaking audience.  

The Q and A after the screening was engaging and lively.  An interpreter from the festival translated from Polish to English.

There was one request…

A crowd selfie!

Many stayed to talked to Clay and Tif after.

This young man wanted to be Clay’s friend on Facebook.

We are anxious to see Poznan in the daylight and explore the old city today!

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