A Full Day in Poznan

Good morning, Poland!

After an amazing breakfast at the hotel, which included braunschweiger and mackerel for some, we hit the streets of Poznan.

The old city is very quaint with tall and narrow buildings.

School children were everywhere.

Each day at noon, the court house clock tower strikes and the doors open to reveal two goats which move forward to butt heads twelve times.  We take our places in the square to observe.

As promised, they come out and the school children shriek with joy each time they strike.

Why do they butt heads?  Here you go…

A legend behind the original addition of the goats to the clock mechanism states that a cook, while preparing a banquet for the voivode and other dignitaries, had burnt a roast deer, and attempted to replace it by stealing two goats from a nearby meadow. The goats escaped and ran up the town hall tower, where they attracted the attention of the townspeople when they began to butt each other (according to some versions, this drew attention to a fire which might otherwise have done significant damage). Because of the entertainment provided, the voivode pardoned both the cook and the goats, and ordered that two mechanical goats be incorporated into the new clock being made for the building.

After securing a warm, spicy beverage, we walked up to the Christmas Market and also popped into an antique store.

There, Clay discovered a 1916 stereoscopic camera.  Being an avid collector of antique viewers and cards, I think he is still thinking about that camera.

We purchased some candy.

And found a great place to warm our chilly bones.

We accidentally found a great place for dinner.

This part of the menu was very sincere.

With help from our kind waiter, we decided upon a variety of Polish dumplings with fried beets, fried cabbage, and the best roasted potatoes we have ever had.

Of course, we had to top off the evening with a little dessert.

When we got back to the hotel in the evening, this display made so much more sense to us.  

Yes, these goats have pants.  

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