JuneSisters Audio Podcast, Episode 2:  Cowls for Everyone

Show Notes for the January 26, 2017 Episode

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Details about this episode’s finished knits can be found can be found in episode 1.

Debi’s sock recipe.

Purl Soho’s Lovely Ribbed Cowl.

Waverly by Hannah Fettig.

Respect theSpindle by Amy Franquemont.


From right to left:  Progression of consistency in spindle-spun yarn.


Crocheting hand-spun into a granny stripe blanket.

img_8970 img_9021img_9024

Jumper + Void Shawl by Melanie Berg

Stitch Marker Tutorial

Tools and supplies needed include small wire snips, round nose pliers, one 3-inch head pin, two alphabet beads, three small glass or decorative beads, and two 9 mm jump rings.

Place the alphabet beads and glass beads on the end pin as shown.


Using the round nose pliers, form a loop at the end of the head pin.

Push the beads toward the loop and cut off the excess pin with the wire snips leaving enough pin to form a loop on that side.

Using the round pliers once again, form a loop on the cut end.

Attach the jump rings to the loops at each end.

Your stitch markers are ready to use!

My Etsy shop.

London Fog Recipe

Brew one cup or teapot of Earl Grey tea.  Sweeten to taste with honey.

In the meantime, steam and froth 1/2 cup of milk + 1 teaspoon vanilla with an espresso machine or milk frother.  If you don’t have either, warm milk in the microwave and froth with a whisk.

Fill your tea cup or mug with Earl Grey, then carefully spoon the frothed milk on top.  Sip and enjoy!

Thank you for listening!

Music by MaxKo Music, licensed by Envato Market.


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