The Pudding Experiment

It’s been a very festive day, indeed. We started the morning at church with the children’s Christmas program where we were delighted by an especially jubilant little penguin in the front row who sang his heart out. He knew every word and he wanted to make sure that even the folks in the back row could hear each one. What a joy!

After a hearty lunch of leftover Tortellini and Kale Soup, we began the pudding experiment which in truth began yesterday.

For you see, it was the day to drive our Christmas cards to Spencer County for that special postmark from a real Indiana town named Santa Claus. While there, we almost got in line for the town’s Christmas parade and that would have been a good time if we hadn’t had so many other things to do. With Eric in the driver’s seat and that white beard, we looked right at home.

Wave to the kind people, honey.

It was a quick trip to Monkey Hollow Winery for our annual stockpile of Winter Warmer. By this time it was spitting snow. Now my cousins to the south, like far-south near Atlanta, were getting a blizzard this December 9th but we here in a Southern Indiana could only boast of flurries and quick snow squalls that didn’t accumulate. It did, however, add to the very festive vibe of the day. That and our Holiday Classics on iTunes Radio.

We had hoped to make a trip to the Ferdinand Antique Emporium one last time before they packed up and moved to their new location up the road. We also hoped to snag some bargains from vendors who wanted once less box to pack. We were not disappointed.

We filled a large cardboard box with many treasures but by far the best find of the day was a vintage German pudding mold.

Now you already know that we’re into all of the German things because this time last year, we were in Berlin sipping Gluhwein at German Christmas Markets and buying all the sheepskins. Hygge. We’re homesick for Germany this Christmas season.

Pudding molds are beautiful and this one deserves a holiday home. And a bath.

Not content to resign this beautiful mold to a shelf in the kitchen, we decided to mix up a pudding and put it to work. Eric asked a very good question; he said, “I wonder how long it’s been since a pudding was cooked in that mold?” We like to ponder those kinds of things when we purchase well-loved or well-worn items with stories hidden in every crevice.

Thanks to The Google, we quickly found what sounded like a yummy recipe (how can one go wrong with things like molasses and cinnamon and plump raisins and freshly grated nutmeg?) and we collected the needed ingredients.

I had just the right pot to fit the mold with plenty of room for three hours of bubbling steam and the smells, oh the smells. It’s supposed to sit and season for a bit to fully age. How long do you think we can hold out before taking a bite?

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