Vest Love, I Cut My Void Shawl, and that Crazy USA Hat

Episode 8: Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Click on the audio player above to listen!  Time stamps are noted for each section in the show notes.  Feel free to skip to sections that you are interested in.  Links to patterns and other resources can be found by scrolling over highlighted text.

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In the Suds (2:18)

Vanilla Socks, “Hohoho” by Bee Ewe Yarn and Fibers, City Stitch Yarn Shop, Boonville, Indiana.

Fair Isle Vest, Stranded and Steeked by Mary Jane Mucklestone and Craftsy.

Check out those floats and that steek finishing!

Some needlework vests from my past.

Transforming my Void Shawl by Melanie Berg into a cowl.  I mentioned Katie of “Inside Number 23 Podcast” fame, but mistakenly called her show “Inside 21” (it must have been the cold medicine)!

IMG_1214 IMG_1570

Ear Warmer by Kate Morgan.


The Bousta Beanie by Gudrun Johnston.




How about using some vintage textile spools for hat stands????  I found these at The Nashville Flea Market!



Video tutorial for catching floats in two-handed color work.

Knitting Now (12:20)

Super secret sock knitting….no photos…but I am looking forward to casting on the first pair of socks in Helen Stewart’s Handmade Sock Society, the Winter Rose Socks.


Heather BFL from Victoria House Fibers in “Purple Sage”.

Birch Trees Scarf, Julia Marsh.

Spinning (16:05)


Corriedale separated by color, hand-carded and spun short-forward draw for a traditional two-ply.  These will become mini-skeins to sprinkle around Scotland when we travel there this spring.

Sewing (17:40)


A new blouse pattern.


A small bag for my spinning wheel.


Card holder.  Tutorial found here.

Things I never expected (20:21)

IMG_1355 IMG_1540 IMG_1384

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a knitting photo shoot! #knittingtruth

What Fills My Cup (24:28)


Early 20th-century yarn winder found at The Westbury Antique Market in Bloomington, Indiana.


Crocheted heart garland.

Lent devotional by

The House of God Forever, by Jon Foreman.

Music by MaxKo Music, licensed by Envato Market.

Many thanks (always) to my #woodman who helps this #woolwoman with the inevitable hiccups of syncing to iCloud and the intricacies of iTunes.



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