London #alltheplaces

Our UK adventure begins!

We are a walking advertisement for Osprey.

After a great flight from Nashville to London via NYC, we hit the ground running with a full day of sight-seeing, determined to stave off jet lag by staying vertical as long as humanly possible. That included:

a wonderful brunch,

the Horse Guard Parade,

a two-hour visit to Westminster Abbey,

and the Two Chairmen Public House, which began quietly enough but filled when Parliament adjourned.

(Clay recognized Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour Party)

(Here’s my Merrie Dancers Toorie beside a pint, because I’m a knitter and the knitwear is important)

After liquid fortification, we walked to Buckingham Palace,

took the tube to Coventry Garden,

and had a proper English dinner of meat pies.

Then we crashed. And crashed hard, having made it to 21:00.

It’s amazing what sleep will do. And a very good cup of coffee.

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