London, Day Two

We ate breakfast at Lundenwic Food and Coffee in Holborn.

We perused the Borough Market for cheese, meat, bread, and wine, and enjoyed a mid-day meal of beef sandwiches there.

We crossed the Thames River and got a look at London Bridge and the Tower of London.

We strolled though the British Library for a browse through their special collections; my favorites included the Codex Sinaiticus, Tyndall New Testament, First Edition of the King James Bible, and The Magna Carta.

Sidenote: Before leaving London, I have to mention that I completely forgot about visiting the Churchill War Rooms on our first day, the underground bunkers where British men and women planned and strategized during World War II. The film “The Darkest Hour” told this story and several bits of the movie were actually shot here.

My brain is so full.

We walked to Kings Cross Station to catch the train to Edinburgh.

And we had a lovely trip to Edinburgh, feasting on our picnic, knitting (of course), journaling, and meeting our neighbors.

For anyone interested, Tif is knitting Handbrake by Kay Jones in Malabrigo Merino worsted Cabernet, and I’m working on the Magnolia Socks by Curious Handmade in West Yorkshire Spinners Cherry Drop.

This Glaswegian family delighted us with tales about their kin and Scotland. Please meet Brian, Jenna, and Sarah McNeil. They had been to London on Easter Holiday to shop and see Hamilton. They asked, “Where are you from?” We answered, “Indiana.” They asked, “What do you have there?” We said, “Farmland.” They said, “Oh.” I think they were hoping for something more exciting. Regardless, we now have friends in Glasgow!

We crossed into Scotland and were met with foggy vistas and glimpses of the coastline. Simply magical. A short walk to our Air BnB and quick supper in the neighborhood ended the second day of our trip. We’ll awake to our first full day in Scotland.

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