Today’s road took us to Spean Bridge, Urqhart Castle, Loch Ness, Culloden Battlefield, and Inverness. I made friends with a weaver who taught me to stick weave, and we ended the day by River Ness, listening to traditional Scottish music and enjoying a dram.


  1. Sorry to have missed you whilst you were in Inverness and your wonderful Hebridean wheel. If I had logged in sooner we could have met up and I could have introduced you to my Haldane Hebridean and let you have a spin and my flock of Icelandic sheep, we live on the southside of Loch Ness, the bit the tourists dashing up the A82 miss. Hope you get it home safely and enjoy spinning with it as much as I do mine. It does look like an older version, Spineyspider should be able to help on dating. Hebridesnspin from Haldane Fanciers Forum on Ravelry.

    1. I am sorry, too! That would have been lovely! The Loch Ness area and Inverness were some of our favorite stays. We flew home yesterday after a wonderful 10-day loop around Scotland, starting and ending in Edinburgh. My family traces back to the Graham/Graehm clan so the Highlands are especially dear. The wheel made it home to the USA via Heathrow and Atlanta Hartsfield in our carry-on luggage with only a few odd looks and explanations required. I am thankful. I can’t wait to give her a good cleaning and conditioning. Thank you again for your thoughts and we’ll surely meet up on our next trip to Scotland!

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