Perth to Edinburgh

Today, we closed the Scottish loop of our travels and headed back to Edinburgh. After another lovely breakfast in our B&B and saying goodbye to our gracious hosts, Agnus and Finley, we loaded the car and headed east.

We stopped at several great antique stores along the way, adding vintage books and other treasures.

I managed to pack all of the pieces of the Haldane Hebridean spinning wheel in my suitcase and backpack, except for the wheel itself, which is easily carried.

I get a few strange looks from people but that’s okay.

Back in Edinburgh, we head for the Grass Market for shopping and lunch.

The market is packed with people enjoying the gorgeous weather. On more than one occasion, the Scots have thanked us for bringing unusually sunny skies to the island. We have experienced mist, short rain showers, and a few overcast mornings, but it seems that the majority of our trip has been atypical….bright blue skies and warm temperatures.

We sneak in looks at the castle every chance we can before heading to the train station. We are going to miss this place.


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