Inverness to Perth

We started the day with a wee breakfast near our B&B,

then went upon a search for the local antique store.

There, sitting along the left aisle, was a spinning wheel.

It’s a vintage, single-treadle Haldane and she treadled like a charm. All the parts and pieces were there. Amazing price. Could we possibly get her home?

Chief was convinced that we could get it apart to pack into a suitcase, so after a bit of negotiating (and an even better price), the deal was done and I was walking out of a Scottish antique store in Inverness Scotland with a Scottish spinning wheel under my arm.

In Inverness proper, we stopped into a lovely old bookstore and also a quilt shop, where I just happened to find a few thistle-themed fat quarters to bring home.

Heading down the road toward Perth, we stumbled across another antique destination, tucked along the highway and nestled against the hills.

Tif found a vintage watering can rose to eventually place near the Scottish wildflowers she is collecting and pressing.

We stopped for lunch in Inverdruie where we got our first taste of proper scones with clotted cream and raspberry jam. We are fans.

Again, we stop roadside for occasional sheep gazing and wool collecting.

In Pitlochry, we visit the Blair Athol Distillery to further investigate the differences between peated and unpeated Scotch whiskey.

We stopped to pet some Highland cows,

and before we knew it, we were in Perth, where we ate at the best Indian restaurant in the UK. One can eat only so much haggis.

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