I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full.   John 10:10

About my audio podcast…

The JuneSister podcast is an audio companion to my blog, and content support for my beginning and continuing knitting students.  I enjoy sharing observations and lessons from knitting class, and delight in new techniques and products that I discover each and every day (and can’t seem to keep to myself).  Brew a cup of tea, grab your needlework, and give a listen.  Won’t you join me?

About my blog…

Why a blog from me? That’s a good question. There are so many interesting blog angles out there. I have no interesting blog angle other than I like to write and find enjoyment in giving an outlet to the things floating around in my head. As John Boy from the Walton’s Homecoming said, “Things stay in my mind, I can’t forget anything and it all gets bottled up in here and sometimes I feel like a crazy man. I can’t rest or sleep or anything until I rush up here and write it down in that tablet”. I know just how he feels. But more than that, writing tickles my brain in a good way, which you will understand if you also love to write. Otherwise, you will think that both John Boy and I really are crazy.

In addition to that, I journal.

During a three-day, spiritual renewal weekend (The Walk to Emmaus) nearly 16 years ago, I felt pressed and challenged to upend my devotional quiet time- those precious moments in the dark of the new day spent in prayer and study and meditation. Prior to beginning the practice of journaling, my personal quiet time was a free for all… distracted, unfocused, and really frustrating. I knew that there had to be more. Journaling grounded me. I would write out my praise and thanksgiving. Summarize my thoughts about scripture. Pour my heart out to God. This practice became a lifeline for me and it began to transform my personal devotional time. I journaled with pen and paper for 13 of those 16 years (as evidenced by the more than 25 notebooks stashed away in my bedroom) but switched to the electronic version when I got my first iPad. Hooked, I am.

Sometimes, my thoughts are longer and stronger than my journal can contain.   Facebook statuses can only do so much, and I have already violated many news feeds with long status essays that really should have been a link, thereby giving the reader the option of looking away. Just look away. While you can. My blessed children, who indulge my infrequent rants and musings, have also encouraged me to give outlet to my thoughts in a more socially excepted way. “Get a blog, Mom” they said. So it’s all their fault.

Take from this blog, what you want. And leave with me your ponderings and notions. I love a good discussion, particularly over a cup of strong coffee or glass of wine. The entries will be sporadic as my very favorite things to to include spending time with my kids, riding the Harley with my sweet husband, camping with lifelong friends, making homemade wine, canning bounty from our garden, and knitting when I’m not doing those other things. I take that back, sometimes I knit WHILE doing those other things.  If there’s any time left after all that, I just might sit down and write. Especially if I feel like I’m going crazy.


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