Team USA Olympic-Inspired Hat

The 2018 USA Olympic Team uniform designs have been released and I don’t know about you, but I always look forward to their reveal! I have been a life-long fangirl of Ralph Lauren and his American-West-inspired lifestyle esthetic (not to mention his views on raising kids and the importance of family…check it out). We knitters are not disappointed by the inclusion of a gorgeous stranded-knit sweater design that will be worn by Team USA athletes at the opening ceremony in PyeongChang on February 9th.

There’s been some spirited discussion about the gloves but personally, I like them and think they will look fabulous on TV.

Those will be some warm, toasty hands.

There’s also a lot of chatter about the textile technology that will keep our team warm in South Korea. Also fascinating.

Inspired by the splendid colorwork sweater, I challenged myself to sit down and chart the motifs of the sweater using Stitch Fiddle, an easy-to-use chart-generating program. Wouldn’t it be great to have a hat inspired by the Olympic team’s sweater, I thought to myself?  Why yes, it would!

The men’s and women’s sweaters are not identical but feature many of the same motifs. I picked and chose the motifs I liked and placed them into this hat design.


Knit with DK weight scraps from other projects, the hat is a generous beanie with some slouch that will fit most medium-sized adult heads. The size can be altered easily by going up or down a needle-size, or by lessening the number of repeats of the biggest motif, which is 18 stitches; please note, however, that if the cast on number is changed, some of the smaller motifs will not repeat evenly. If that jog doesn’t bother you, you can modify the overall size that way.


Using less than 20 gram scraps of each of three colors, you can knit this hat now to wear during the Games, or cast on as you watch the opening ceremony.  This hat would be a great project to knit while viewing your favorite events……curling anyone?

You’ll find the hat pattern and color work chart at the link below.  USA, USA, USA!!!